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Parts and Accessories

Your new SteamBowl will ship with one (1) removable power cord, and two (2) whisks.


ATTACHING the SteamBowl:

  1. To attach the SteamBowl to any Stand Mixer, use the handles provided.
  2. Before connecting the SteamBowl to the mixer, ensure that both devices are unplugged.
  3. Place the SteamBowl on the attachment ring plate and gently turn it in a counter-clockwise direction until the power button is facing forward.
  4. Be careful not to over-rotate. Attach the appropriate whisk and then place the Stand Mixer motor head back in the down position and lock it into place.
  5. For optimal whisk performance, make use of the fine adjustment feature on your mixer.
  6. Please refer to the mixer manual for detailed instructions.

REMOVING the SteamBowl:

  1. Attachments may be hot. Allow them to cool before removing. Avoid direct contact with surfaces, water within the well and the steam produced by the appliance.
  2. Be sure the SteamBowl and the mixer are unplugged.
  3. If necessary, remove any accessories from the Stand Mixer (See the instructions manual that came with your Stand Mixer for more information).
  4. For Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers: Place the bowl-lift lever on the Stand Mixer in the down position. Pull up on the SteamBowl to disengage the snap-lock and lift to remove the SteamBowl from the bowl-lift arms.
  5. For Tilt-Head Stand Mixers: Tilt the Stand Mixer motor head back. Turn the SteamBowl gently in a clockwise direction on the attachment ring plate until disengaged. Then lift to remove.
  6. Carefully lift to remove the stainless-steel bowl liner from inside the SteamBowl well using the top two handles.

Mixer speed concern

Operate your mixer on low speed for best performance.

Trouble Shooting

  • If the power button is not illuminated once depressed: Check to see whether the bowl is plugged into an outlet. If it is, safely check the fuse or circuit breaker on the electrical circuit the bowl is connected to and make sure the circuit is closed. Contact a licensed electrician to troubleshoot if need be.
  • If water appears to heat but the power button does not illuminate: Your SteamBowl is likely operating as it should although the power button light is burnt out. If the problem cannot be corrected, see the WARRANTY AND SERVICE section.

In case of any further concerns, please contact us at

Cleaning and maintenance

  1. Remove the stainless-steel bowl and any accessories from the SteamBowl base before cleaning.
  2. Wipe the exterior and base of the SteamBowl with a soft cloth. If needed, use a mild dish washing liquid and a soft, damp cloth to clean. Dry thoroughly.
  3. Wash the stainless-steel bow in the top rack of the dishwasher, or wash by hand in hot, soapy water, then rinse with warm water. Dry all parts thoroughly before reassembling the SteamBowl.
  4. Wash the wire whisk in the top rack of the dishwasher, or wash by hand in hot, soapy water, then rinse with warm water.

Hassel-free replacement

If your SteamBowl should fail within the first year of ownership, SteamBowl Inc. will arrange to deliver an identical or comparable replacement to your door free of charge and arrange to have your original SteamBowl returned to us. Your replacement unit will also be covered by our one-year limited warranty. If your SteamBowl should fail within the first year of ownership, simply email us at Proof of purchase will be required to initiate the claim along with your complete shipping address. (No P.O. Box numbers, please.) When you receive your replacement SteamBowl, use the carton, packing materials, and prepaid shipping label to pack up your original SteamBowl and send it back to SteamBowl Inc.

SteamBowl warranty and service

One year full warranty from date of purchase.