• Game-changer

    "Using Steambowl double boiler has been a game-changer for my kitchen adventures. Crafting amazing frosting has never been easier; this product truly simplifies the double boiling process." - Sarah

  • Easy to use

    "It's incredibly easy to use, making double boiling a breeze, and the results with frosting are simply amazing! Cleaning up is hassle-free, making it my top choice for all my double boiling needs." - Emma

  • Amazing frosting

    “I can't imagine my kitchen without the Steambowl double boiler. It has truly changed the way I double boil. The seamless operation and amazing frosting consistency it delivers are unmatched." - Olivia

Make your Stand Mixer do more!

Compatible with KitchenAid® Bowl-Lift and Tilt-Head Mixer and Cuisinart® Precision Master 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer